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Type Rating certification is an essential requirement for those looking to pursue a career as an airline pilot. Investing in the A320-specific Type Rating certification offers numerous key advantages

Advantages offered by
Type Rating A320

Access to a Diverse Fleet of Aircraft
One of the most notable advantages is that A320 Type Rating certification allows pilots to fly not only the A320 itself but also other Airbus family members, such as the A319 and A321. This is due to the similarities in the cockpits and operational procedures of these aircraft. As a result, pilots certified on the A320 have access to a broader range of job opportunities and flight assignments.

Workplace Flexibility
A320 Type Rating certification opens up the possibility of obtaining a Cross Crew Qualification, meaning pilots can make smoother transitions to other Airbus wide-body aircraft equipped with fly-by-wire technology. This further expands their job opportunities and allows them to adapt to different airline roles and requirements.

Continued Demand
The A320 is one of the most popular and widely used aircraft in the commercial aviation industry. Its demand remains strong, meaning pilots with A320 Type Rating certification have good employment prospects and job security.

Career Potential
Since many airlines operate fleets of A320 aircraft, pilots certified on this type of aircraft have the opportunity to advance in their careers and access higher-responsibility roles, such as captains and flight trainers.

Course composition to achieve Type Rating A320:

Theoretical Phase

This phase comprises a total of 90 hours spread over 15 days. CBT Learning Materials (unlimited) and in-house ground school with instructors. 9 APT SESSIONS: 32H + 4H Test (system + perf.)

Practical Phase

You will complete a total of 32 hours in our A320 Full-flight simulator in Barcelona or Madrid. Training structure: 8 sessions of 4 hours including 60 minutes of briefing and 30 of post-briefing. 16 hours as First Offcer and 16 hours as Pilot in Command.

Base Training

During this training, you will perform up to a total of 6 take-offs and landings with a real Airbus A320 aircraft from Volotea or Vueling. You can choose between a quick training of 4 take-offs and landings or an extensive one of 6 take-offs and landings.

Interview Preparation

Enhance your training with this optional course and prepare to successfully pass interviews with the help of our exclusive training.


Pilots without Type Rating

  • 70 PIC flight certificate
  • UPRT program
  • ME+IR endorsement
  • CPL license (ATPL Frozen)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • MCC certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 English proficiency

Pilots with Type Rating

  • ME + IR endorsement
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 English proficiency



All included

Our training program includes all the study material necessary for the theoretical part, such as flight training, with no hidden cost:

  • Tablet and e-learning materials.
  • Uniform.
  • Flight training materials.
  • Logbook/VFR Charts/Plotter/etc.
  • All official written exam fees.
  • All flight hours.
  • Landing and navigation fees.
  • Fuel and landing costs.
  • All practical skills tests.
  • Examiner fees.

Facilities and fleet

The convenience of having theoretical classes next to the aerodrome means that our students can receive both their theoretical and practical training on our Campus. More than 62,000 m² to become an aviation professional.

An extensive fleet of aircraft, with a total of 17 aircraft owned: C150 C172, C172 RG, PA28, BE-76, equipped with FADEC system, GLASS COCKPIT ASPEN AVIONICS, diesel engines to mention some of its characteristics.

FNPT II ALSIM and FTD1 AIRBUS 320 SIMULATOR manufactured with a real cabin and equipped with the ORIGINAL A320 SOFTWARE.


More than 300 days of sunshine a year allow us to fly almost daily. Which means that our students can carry out their internships without unforeseen weather events. Thus achieving your integrated ATPL within the established deadlines.

EASA Examination Center

Aerodynamics Academy is an official EASA exam centre. Which allows us the convenience that our students can take their official exams from our own center without having to travel.

Own maintenance team

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 approval is a company-level certification to the European Commission’s regulatory standards for the design, production, maintenance and operation of aircraft components.

Our own maintenance team PART 145, PART 147, and CAMO allows us to keep our fleet in optimal conditions 365 days a year. This efficiency together with the weather conditions allows us to fly 7 days a week.

International recognition

Aerodynamics Academy is approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) with the center number E-ATO 226 and under EASA regulations (European Aviation Safety Agency), which allows it to work in practically all European countries.

25 years of experience at Aerodynamics Academy with the highest quality standards give us international prestige that makes us a reference for the best national and international airlines to trust us for their team of pilots, mechanics and crews.

Currently, thousands of pilots who now work in the best world airlines have developed all their training in Aerodynamics.


Airlines that trust our
Training center



The best academy where you can get your flight licence. Fulfilling your dreams here is possible. Furthermore, you always do it as a family, you have fun and learn with the best teachers and the best facilities.

Rocio Garrido Aranda

The best facilities. I took the course and was super happy with everything and found a job very quickly. Very good teachers and a great experience with my classmates. Without a doubt the best aeronautical school.

Salma Almaraz

Without a doubt the best academy where I have been able to fulfill my dream. I have met wonderful people and above all I have learned many things from our instructors, Miguel and Susana.

Maria Belen

The truth is that aerodynamics opened many doors for me and I will carry them in my heart forever!! For the experience, the friends, the treatment from day 1, the facilities and the comfort they provide us.

Sara Juárez Barbero

I have always had the dream of being able to fly a plane. Thanks to Aerodynamics Academy for making this possible, the work they do is exemplary from start to finish. An unforgettable experience.

¿Do you want to be a pilot?

Contact us and clarify your doubts.

¿Do you want to be a pilot?

Contact us and clarify your doubts.

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